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Group Companies


With a view to achieve forward integration, AmpleTree Agro Mart Pvt. Ltd. was launched. Ampletree Agro Mart Pvt. Ltd. aims at direct sales of fresh farm products to domestic & International consumers straight from the farms under the brand “Pure Agro Mart”. The biggest advantage to the consumers is that they get quality products at reasonable prices & the farmers get a fair price as the middlemen will be eliminated. This has resulted in farmers receiving fair price for their products ensuring savings for them. It has also eased the repayment of EMIs of the soft loans extended by us to them, making it a win-win situation for both the lender and borrower! The Company has the HACCP & the Organic Certification for Quality Management.

The special feature of Pure Agro Mart is the VAN Retail Sales. Farm fresh products will reach consumer’s door step through Company’s high tech van equipped with features like GPRS, CCTV etc. and It will be manned by uniformed staff facilitating the sale of products. Consumers can see the product’s prices being displayed on the screen. This vehicle will be visiting various Housing Societies where it will be stationed for a specific period of time. The consumers in the vicinity will be able to make their purchase during that period. The Van will be carrying fresh farm products like vegetables, fruits etc. This is going to become the harbinger of new retail sales.

To supplement these activities, the Company plans to enter Cold Storage and Food Processing business in the near future. It will be a sort of backward integration process. This will help us to process perishable products from the farms, store it and send it to the market when there is a favorable conditions for good price is available. This will save us from the losses incurred due to throwing away of such damaged farm products.

The Company has the ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management Certification.