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Group Companies


With a view to a global footprint, the Atulya group under the dynamic leadership of its founder and CMD, Shri Mahadeo Jadhav, has set up Atulya Multi Technologies Pte Ltd. In Singapore, focusing on providing blockchain-based solutions for various industries.

The company is offering its first blockchain-based solutions for the agriculture sector called Agrow, which is an agricultural blockchain-based distributed ecosystem (ABCDE). Agrow is a unique market place and platform running on blockchain technology to facilitate the formation of storage units for cultivated crops and trading of crops.

The purpose of this platform is to innovate on crop production, storage and distribution besides overcoming the problems that occur in all stages of the current production and distribution channels.

Agrow will become the best platform for both producers (farmers) and consumers by directly connecting them, thus drastically eliminating the complicated, high-cost and multi- level distribution structure with entry barriers and inefficiency of information