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A star is rising……………

“A new star is rising -- without any media fanfare -- in the rural industrial sky of India” –says the cover page story intro of Corporate India business magazine about Mr.Mahadeo Jadhav, Founder & CMD of Atulya Group. The magazine has featured him on the cover page with the caption –“Playing Santa to Farmers”.

In my career span of over 30 years, I have had the opportunities to interact and discuss with many of the top business leaders and I have understood one thing that they all are doing business which are providing solutions to the existing problems. If I remember correctly, those who had implemented this approach have become more successful. In this context, the role of Atulya group in addressing farmer’s grave problems is commendable under the leadership of Mr.Jadhav. The cover page story aptly elaborates his vision for rural India and future India!

Leaders, I always noticed that their foresight is such, they are able to foresee the future opportunities in the area of business which can solve existing pertinent issues. Mr.Jadhav is one of such leaders who has identified many such opportunities and one of them is the Blockchain technology that is being used to create AGROW platform. The article says that it is going to transform the lives of farmers across the globe. This global platform as Mr. Jadhav says in the article that the company is offering its first blockchain-based solutions for the agriculture sector which is an Agricultural BlockChain-based Distributed Ecosystem (ABCDE). Agrow is a blockchain technology based platform that removes middlemen from harvest production and distribution. A decentralized marketplace that uses smart contracts to create a direct financial interaction between farmers and buyers.

One can understand the significance of this platform as well as the technology. It is the solution for the dire needs of farmers to elevate from the burden of heavy and unending debts and penury. Also it will bring back happiness and prosperity in their lives . As we say that Farmers are the backbone of our country and the situation they are in now is that their back is only broken! Infact, Consortium of Indian Farmers’ Association ( CIFA ) had put their demands to all political parties before the 2014 general elections that their demands should be included in the manifesto of all parties. Their demands were:

  • Give us Technologies – We will increase Productivity
  • Make investments – We will make it Sustainable
  • Give us Freedom to market – We will increase Profitability

Agrow platform will fulfill all these demands! It has all the three solutions – Technology, Investment and Freedom to market. Only difference is that it is from a private enterprise!

Now it is easy to understand the benefits of this platform. Being a true leader, Mr.Jadhav has chosen the best team both in management and technology. He has done it through meticulous planning. Young as well as experienced innovative professionals are working on this project. Blue- print is ready and the action plans are already being drawn. The chosen team is all geared up to taste the success. ‘Follow the leader’ seems to be the driving force. As the article says - Agrow will become the best platform for both producers (farmers) and consumers by directly connecting them, thus drastically eliminating the complicated, high-cost and multi- level distribution structure with entry barriers and inefficiency of information.

Hope, farmers’ lives will become more meaningful, fruitful and prosperous. The days are not too far off as these predictions will become real and the man who created this dream project along with his team will be the RISING STAR and the name is Mr.Mahadeo Jadhav